DYNAMIC Electric Hand Held Label Applicator

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Electric machines as standard are 230v – 50hz
Electric machines are fitted as standard with two pin european plugs or 3 pin 3 amp UK plugs.
Most electric machines can also be supplied 110V-60Hz as an option at no extra cost.

LD 70 Label Applicator (Electronic)

LD 70 Label Applicator (Electronic)

Used directly from it’s own mains power supply or remotely from it’s rechargeable batteries, the LD70 can dispense and apply labels up to 65mm wide and there is no restriction on the maximum length. (Some labels may require a registration mark on the reverse.)

Supplied With

  • 110V and 220V Adaptor

    • Several plug types available.
    • The adaptor feeds the applicator and charges the battery.
    • Recharge time: 12 hours

Optional Extras

  • Rechargeable Battery

    • Over 1000 metres of labels with one recharge.
    • Up to 400 recharges per battery

  • Battery Charger

    • For two batteries – complete recharge in 2 hours.
    • Works with 110V and 220V

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