Rewinders, Unwinders & Counters

Compatible with all Thermal Printers

All prices are exclusive of vat.

All machines are supplied with a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Electric machines as standard are 230v – 50hz
Electric machines are fitted as standard with two pin european plugs or 3 pin 3 amp uk plugs.
Most electric machines can also be supplied 110v – 60hz as an option at no extra cost.

Electric Rewinders & Unwinders

Electric Rewinders & Unwinders

  • Auto-switching Universal Power Supply for immediate adaptability anywhere in the world.
  • Compatible with all Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printers.
  • Electronic Speed Control will automatically synchronise winding speed to the speed of your printer.
  • Provides passive winding without skewing print or barcodes on your labels.
  • Wind labels face in or face out.

Model DescriptionPrice 
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Electric Rewinder£390.00  
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Electric Rewinder£625.00  
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Electric Unwinder£625.00  
GLR-MRK-11” (25mm) Core Kitt£12.00  
GLR-MRK-1.51.5” (38mm) Core Kit£28.00  
GLR-MRK1.751.75” (44mm) Core Kit£35.00  
GLR-50-CAKCoreless Adaptor Kit£32.30  
GLR100-CAKCoreless Adaptor Kit£55.35  
DRS-2000 Desktop Rewind Station

DRS-2000 Desktop Rewind Station

Ideal for production preparation, the DRS-2000 desktop rewind station offers:

  • Off-line rewinding
  • Counts both gap and reflective labels
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Tension Control
  • Great for dispensers and hand held applicators.
  • Excellent in visual inspection
  • Easy to operate
  • Rewind up to 61.5cm/sec.

Speed 2.5 to 61.5cm/sec
Roll Width 2.5 to 23cm
Core Size 7.6cm
Media Roll Diameter 30.5cm
Temperature 5 – 40ºC
  • Wind Labels Roll To Roll
  • Maximun Speed 61.5mm/sec
  • Roll Width 2.5 cm to 23cm
  • Auto Switching Power Supply 100-250 Volts 47-63 Hz
  • Supports 30.5cm Rolls With 7.6cm Cores
  • Winds Labels “In” to “Out” or “Out” to “In”
  • Adjustable Speed Control
  • Back Tension For Tight Uniform Rolls
  • Splice Smaller Rolls Into One Large Roll

The DRS 2000 comes with standard 7.6cm core holders.
The following options are available on request at the
time of ordering:


Label Counter (Temporarily Unavailable)
GLR-MRK 1 1” (25mm) Core Kit
GLR-MRK1.5 1.5” (38mm) Core Kit
GLR-MRK1.75 1.75” (44mm) Core Kit
GLR50-CAK Coreless Adaptor Kit

Length 90cm
Width 33cm
Height 28cm
Weight 9kg
Electrical 100 – 250VAC 47-63Hz
Auto switching

Model Price 
DRS-2000-Counter(Temporarily Unavailable)£425.00  
External Roll Holder - RH-500

External Roll Holder - RH-500

A holder for large rolls of labels for Thermal Printers etc.

  • Roll width up to 220mm
  • Rigid metal construction
  • Standard roll holder 70mm (other sizes available as an option)
  • Max Roll Diameter 470mm